Facts About UNESCO Sites in Uganda

Uganda provides large variety of different attractions to tourists. But first and foremost it is important to understand how significant the destination is to the locals at the world as a whole. This can only be true if UNESCO has approved the site to be a world heritage site and therefore with funding from all UNESCO member states

These UNESCO sites are paramount in protecting the Gorillas and Uganda’s Heritage

Many destinations in Uganda have not yet made it to the top of list but hopefully with tourists coming more frequently in the country and appreciating the quality of tours offered in this country,who knows other cultural,religious and natural sites could be added World Heritage sites for example Namugungo Martyrs shine,Murchison falls national Park and lake Victoria being the source of the Nile and the largest lake in the Continent,First lets explore the sites one by one

1. Kasubi Royal Tombs

Declared in 2001,Kasubi Tombs is Classified under the Cultural category by UNESCO.The Baganda tribe is “Bantu” speaking people whose political civilization dates back to up to 13th Century A.D. and the most dominant kingdom.Although Buganda is only kingdom in Uganda,the history of this tribe can not be distanced from that of the Country Uganda because it is true that the name Uganda was originally Buganda but due to failure to Interpret the words the Europeans ended naming it Uganda. The Kasubi tombs are the only UNESCO cultural site in Uganda its known to the burial place for kings including  Edward Muteesa who was also the first president of Uganda. Other Kings burried in these tomb inliude Basamula Mwanga II(famous for ordering the killing of the Uganda Martyrs),David Chaw,Fredrick Walugembe Muteesa.

2. Bwindi Impenetrable National park

Although its still unclear how UNESCO approves the site to qualify to be a world heritage site, Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable forest might not have taken so long to meet the requirements for its engendered Mountain Gorilla Numbers which is close to almost half of the remaining in the world.

Far from the city and high in the kigezi highlands lies the hidden Gem in Africa’s most diverse forest and the only forest in the world where Chimpanzees and Gorillas has lived for generations and the amazing batwa people who are so paramount in the conservation of these apes despite being the people who have lived with these amazing creatures for more years than science can establish in this natural site established in 1994

3. Mountain Rwenzori  National Park

The only way you could possibly learn more is by embarking on your journey and discovering Rwenzori mountain National Park for yourself.Being the only game park Queen Elizabeth of United Kingdom visited that should not lure you to think its the only reason this game park is so gifted with nature.All its waters flow from the glaciers that melt into lake George and Later flow to lake Victoria through the Kazinga Channel

This game park is largely dominated by the mountain whose peak is the third highest in Africa at 5109 meters above sea level and the mountain forest diversity with unique flora and rare species like the Rwenzori three horned turraco,rwenzori duiker and the Rwenzori Turraco that can only be found here. For mountain climbers and ski lovers,this is an unbeatable destination

Pending Approval

By this time Uganda has only one cultural site and two natural sites but who knows in the future the numbers could be increased when these sites in the tentative list are finally recognized.

These include; Bigo byamugenyi,Kibiro,Ntusi,Nyero and Mgahinga also known for its Mountain Gorillas

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