2022 February

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Are you planning to travel to Uganda Soon? This guide will help you prepare for a great time while on tour to Uganda plus great ways to cut costs and have more for less.Travelling to Uganda other than another country in Africa guarantees you the chance to see humans closest relative in the wild "The Chimpanzees", Mountain Gorillas and one of the most spectacular and hassle free wildlife encounters in our ten game parks and reserves featuring tree climbing lions,Nile crocodiles,diverse cultures plus a voyage to the source of the longest river in the world "River Nile"

Uganda drops COVID-19 Mandatory for Tourists

Uganda drops COVID-19 Mandatory Test , Targets more Tourists in 2022 For over 2 years Uganda Wilderness has been silent more notably because of the travel restrictions that were imposed on tourists both from their countries of origin and their preferred destination, this has left Tourism in the pearl of Africa crippled  and left to...

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