Explore Bwindi Impenetrable National Park facts and why it is the best Gorilla destination in the World, A visit to Mgahinga also gives you an added advantage to see the Golden monkeys
Bwindi Impenetrable National Park & Mgahinga Facts

The principle tourist attraction in Uganda,and indeed one of the most unforgettable experiences is Gorilla Trekking – Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to over half of the remaining Gorillas in the world spread over 20 families that live in this Park while others live in Mgahinga national Park. With an estimated population of about 554 Mountain Gorillas in 2020-Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and the Virungas of Congo are the only other places where you find the Mountain Gorillas.Gorilla trekking in Bwindi is amazing due to its large number of members in each Mountain Gorilla family spread in different sectors of the Park namely Ruhija,Nkuringo,Rushaga,and Buhoma but the Mukiza group of Ruhija was the first habituated family that was ready for Tourists

Mgahinga National Park on the side is also becoming popular for Mountain Gorillas but what makes it a class apart despite being game park is Uganda,is its panoramic backdrop formed by Volcanic Mountains Muhavura,Sibinyo and Gahinga which can be climbed with greater chances of spotting Golden Monkeys

Uganda is the best place to see the world’s rare endangered Mountain Gorillas – Gorilla Permits cost $700 p/p

What is Gorilla Trekking?

With fabulously terraced, scenic landscapes beckoning along every small community the main attraction of Bwindi is the mountain Gorillas which can be conveniently trekked at this UNESCO Heritage site.Former travelers found the journey as memorable, beautiful and worth the penny however you option is never limited especially if you love bird and butterfly watching-one should never underestimate this experience because it takes you to Africa’s most diverse forest and the only forest in the world where you can do gorilla and chimpanzee trekking. The other animal species you may spot along your hike is the Duiker and Forest Elephants and if you choose to do your trekking in Bwindi while Birding life is also outstanding with over 357 Forest Bird species

Gorilla Permit Reservation Guideline

To enable Uganda Wildlife Authority track the details of Tourists who engage in Gorilla Trekking,standard Gorilla Trekking Rules and Permit booking regulations must been adhered to. UWA  reserves 100 % rights on Conservation and protecting of all wildlife in Uganda and for that reason they sell 80% of Gorilla Permits electronically through registered travel agents while 20% is reserved for walk in clients. Where the client chooses to buy the permit at the park,he/she will be required to purchase it 7 days before the Trekking day

For clients who pay in installments,he/she will be required to pay 30% as the first deposit and the balance be cleared before 90 Days on the actual date. Gorilla trekking starts at 8:30 Am,although you are required to arrive earlier for preparation and briefing

Facts About Mountain Gorillas

Before going to Bwindi one would be wondering if the effort is worth-Many books have been written about these creatures and any motion movies have been created which could be the same reason you are reading this today wondering is these creatures really exist somewhere in the World. Fact-Gorillas are real and they can be found mainly in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo but the difference is that the ones found in Congo are not the mountain Gorillas but rather the lowland gorillas that you could have seen somewhere in the zoo simply because they can live in captivity unlike their cousins who cant survive on lower attitudes. Another exciting fact is that they are the one of the biggest and strongest primates and surprisingly they share 98% of DNA similarity with humans which is why many tourists find it amazing to see how they relate in their small families in the wild.

Things To do after Trekking

Geography plays a key role in the life of the mountain Gorillas ans so does when it comes to people- the Batwa people of Uganda and known as Mountain dwellers but its amazing how these people have mastered the art of living in harmony with these primates.During your trip to Bwindi or Mgahinga you will enjoy a community experience which will introduce you how these amazing people choose they crops they grow and how they chase away the Gorillas in case they are found in their gardens without conflict.

In Mgahinga you can climb any of the three Volcanic Mountains whose peak is adorned with crystal clear crater lakes,Golden Monkey Tracking,Birding and canoeing on Lake Mutanda

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Uganda Wildlife Authority
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