How to Travel Sesse Islands

Enjoy a memorable trip to Sesse Islands,a ferry from Entebbe takes you to some of the most celebrated, impressive, and historic landmarks and attractions in this beautiful Uganda. Sesse offers a variety of excursions in on its glittering showers, including Swimming,Fishing,Beach games and Cultural tours.For a moment you may think you are lost somewhere deep into the ocean when your cruise finally disappears in the waters with no main land in your sight but the adventure is so rewarding when  you finally reach this amazing destination little known to many tourists

When it comes to Eco tourism,These islands are known for there thick forest covers that harbour plenty of bird species specifically in the Bulaga Island which is the most developed and most visited

In the forest there is life in every branch in this remote paradise of the “Pearl of Africa”

For a place once known for its remoteness,the island has become the leading destination for travelers who love to explore nature in its most natural form with attractions being the white sand beaches,palm plantations,lush forests and blue waters that provide the best ambiance for relaxation and photography. The mode of transport here is mainly water and Road on the island itself  but the better part of it is that due to increasing number of tourists coming to these islands over the years, many hotels have evolved with 3 to 5 star services perfect for family excursions,solo and group getaways

With a variety of customizable tours for sightseeing.For independent travelers, groups, coach tours, and charters seeking a cultural tour,Sesse Island has many cultural sites belonging to the Buganda Kingdom which you will see while on this tour.This could be one of the last activities you do after visiting all the national parks before you finally take off to your country of origin with all the fatigue you may have accumulated during the country wide adventure

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