Uganda Travel Guide 2022

Africa has without doubt the best holiday destination for tourists  many years and the satisfaction has been tremendous to an extent that some popular phrases like safari has been adapted to the English dictionary to mean African wildlife adventures-With popular destinations being South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt and Tanzania this small country doesn’t fine favor in standing among men

What to see & Where to find it

Uganda is a small country landlocked located in the eastern part of Africa bordering Kenya in the east, Tanzania in the south, Rwanda and Burundi in the south west while Congo and south Sudan  boarder in the west and north respectively with an estimated population of about 42.6 Million people according to the 2017 national population census.

For magnificence,for variety of form and color ,for profusion of brilliant life-insect,reptile,beast-for vast scale-“Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa”
Winston Churchill 1907

This country is gem and Africa’s best kept secret when it comes to wildlife tourism because it has some of the friendliest weather which has led to multiplication of the number of wildlife which can be viewed all time of the year without having to go through a lot of hustle. Uganda boasts an incredible 10 game parks all beaming with plenty of wildlife ranging from elephants, cape buffalos, giraffes, lions, leopards and also doubles as the best viewing point of mountain gorillas in the world with half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas easily viewed in Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks

Besides Kilimanjaro, Africa’s second highest peak is nestled in the extreme south west bordering Congo in the Rwenzori mountains. This spectacular mountain is of great significance to Uganda and north Africa at large because it is from this mountain that the small droplets of the nile begin when the melting glaciers of the mountains of the moon drain  into lake George which later is connected to lake Edward through the kazinga channel before it forms shape and connects with the victoria Nile and support the biggest tributary of the Nile called the Blue Nile

When to Visit Uganda

There is nothing like the best time to travel, the best question one should always asking themselves is what am going to see in Africa and what is the best time that I can get the level of satisfaction desired. So before you think about travelling to Uganda always ensure that you focus your research on your inspiration.But for general use one should always keep in mind that this country has two seasons one being the rainy season running from march to September and the other being the dry season that stretches from November to February but that doesn’t guarantee that they wont be any rains because Uganda in a tropical country with weather altercations expected any during the days and nights

For our friends coming from USA and Europe the good news is that you don’t have to waste so much time struggling to get a visa because you can simply walk into our embassy near you and get your self-permission to visit this beautiful country and if for example this information got you on a trip to any of our neighbouring countries with a valid visa and passport to that country you’ll not need to pay double because these countries are in anion called the East African community and there for grant you authority to travel to any of the five countries

So whether you have been to Uganda before or intend to travel to this beautiful country soon, I hope you find this information helpful in answering some of your queries

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