How to Travel Uganda on Budget

When it comes to planning a vacation, most people look for mouth-watering deals and consider when they will be saving more and where they will be having more for less. In this article am going to discuss with you the secrets and reveal to you the fact that paying more for adventure doesn’t guarantee the best vacation.

Even with paying less if you follow the simple steps below you could  get similar or double the quality of adventure compared to the ones who could have paid double the figure but keep in mind that the main topic of my discussion will depend on you the traveler, the handler or tour operator and the destination

1. Exploit Discounts & Offers

Like many other tour destinations around the world, Uganda also has seasons when there are cheap tours especially in the wet season unlike the dry seasons and as it is the case with many animals species,during the rainy season they tend  to scatter and it becomes hard to find them in groups unlike in the dry season when they coverage along river banks and lake shores top quench their thirst and thus creating better chances to view them

2. Invite Friends & Family

If you thought going for a safari was simply buying your ticket and the next thing you are aboard your flight to your next destination you better think twice because a safari is not that easy.

Unlike other travel businesses, safari companies go to different destinations tailored for individual travelers that mean it becomes difficult to find your match. That means if you travel alone, you will be single handed footing all the costs on transportation and hotel rooms which may in the long run sky rocket your budget and you end up paying too much for less

3. Relax your itinerary

There is no benefit in travelling thousands of miles only to spend a few hours with your attraction, carefully thought destination with ample time to view wildlife is more rewarding than choosing to travel to numerous destinations and spend most of your time trying to reach these places. In the end if you calculate the amount of time you spent driving against the time you spent doing the things you love to do

One cannot resist the Lure of Africa
Rudyard Kipling

4. Save on accommodation

Balancing how much you spend on accommodation is very important because you may end up spending a lot of dollars and end up missing out on the fun of safari. However, when it comes to Uganda travel we guarantee extremely spacious yet very affordable hotels.

5. Choose local tour operator and save on commission

Did you know that by mere booking with the wrong company you could be paying an extra fortune for vague services and did you know that most international travel agencies way too much for single tour packages and end up paying the actual tour operators peanuts after deducting commission, the best option would there for be choosing legit tour operator based in your travel destination.

As a tour guide and wildlife lover i am committed to making your safari unforgettable please let me know your view on the recommendations above,or simply check out my some for the tour itineraries that i have created and rate them while on safari or when you get back home and who knows i could be your safari guide on your next holiday

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