Mountain Elgon National Park& Sipi Falls

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Mountain Elgon & Sipi Falls Facts

At an elevation of 14,177 feets, Mountain Elgon is a solitary volcanic mountain bordering Uganda and Kenya best known for its caldera and the Wagagai peak boasting the worlds largest volcanic base at 4,000 km² and its vast forms a 80 km  in diameter

Mountain Elgon is home to over 300 bird species including the endangered Lammergeyer making it a perfect place to Mountain climbers who also love watching birds while wildlife fans will fall in love withe fascinating sights of Black and White colobus and the blue monkey.  Although trails become more slippery during wet season but no worries potters are always available to help with luggage and other items

Its is believed that Mountain Elgon was once the highest peak in Africa but now lags in the 4th spot

Tourist Attraction & Activities

The cool slopes of Mountain Elgon,with distinctive water falls cliffs reflect an ideal landscape especially when your final destination is Kidepo Valley National Park. Large mammals like Buffalos,Elephants but are rarely seen but this park is home to 300 Bird Species including African goshawk, Chubb’s Cisticola,White Chinned Prinia,African Blue Flycatcher and endangered Lammergeyer

Sipi falls’ challenging and daring descent will open all the pores of your skin- Located 66 km from the Town of Mbale,Sipi falls originate from Mountain Elgon creating three magnificent falls from the main river creating stunning scenery and amazing soundtrack of life. Several trails talk you through villages and beautiful country side coffee plantations and farms with friendly people ready to show you the true meaning of living in this part of the country with better chances of coffee tasting and making en-route

How to get There

Mountain Elgon can be climbed through out the year but March and December are the most enjoyable.It is located 235 km from Kampala  via Mbale and the distance may vary depending on the trail heads that you intend to hike

238 km²
4,321 m
1145 km²
Uganda Wildlife Authority
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