Journey to Jinja & Mabira Forest

The Nile crosses through deserts, wetland and tropical forests but gather its momentum in Lake Victoria at a small town called Jinja,Uganda
Journey to Jinja & Mabira Forest

The most beautiful cities of North and East Africa are located along the worlds longest river-River Nile but the majesty of this wonder dwells in a city deep in Uganda.As the Nile finds its way through deserts and plains,this tour takes you deep into the heart of Africa where the Nile collects its momentum. Jinja is known to be the starting point of River Nile and the world known to be the adrenaline capital for its amazing wild water rafting activities,bungee jumping and quad biking through small communities that live along the Victoria Nile

Cruise on the River that supplied water that was used in the construction of the Pyramids of Giza.

Tourist Attractions & Activities

When you are in the great lakes region of Uganda,you wont be thinking of the Caribbean because of its tropical climate.As you drive through Mabira forest you will be thrilled with the hot the amazing road side vendors selling fresh fruits and roasted chicken  served with banana snack called “Gonja”- along the way the beautifully terraced tea and Sugar cane plantations offer unique picnic stopovers in case you  missed the same fun in Mabira forest

Yoga forest “Mabira Forest”

While the rest of Uganda’s forests are located hundreds of miles from the capital Kampala. A 59 km drive will take you 2 hours before you arrive to this gem but the adventure should not to be under estimated- Nature walks, cycling,wildlife viewing, cultural experiences or easy recreation and camping/picnics are main draws in the forest but the most fascinating of this forest is that it makes you feel like you are far away from the city with amazing waters flowing gently and the birds singing in the woods this sets you mind to yet another rhythm and relaxation as though under instructions but for the kind that what to dare,the canopy zip lining is another thing to try when you visit Uganda

Wildlife Nature Walks

When the birds sing,trees dance! As for an adventure seeker you’ll have no time to whine to nature tunes nature but this time you spend your day searching for birds and animals that call this place home for it  wont be long until you go and meet your precious family.Ensure to keep your heads high and camera on alerts for capturing amazing encounters with monkeys,duikers,bush pig,baboons and hundreds of birds and butterflies

300 km2
National Forestry Authority
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