Discover Kidepo valley National Park

Kidepo is a heady mix of nature and history, with equal measures of wildlife and vegetation. The majestic landscape, visible from virtually every part of the park, is the core Uganda secret adventures
Kidepo Valley National Park Facts

In the far north it is the most isolated protected area in the country,but its very remoteness is park of the appeal. Nestled in rugged semi-arid valleys in the extreme northeast of Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park lies hidden away in a lost and not frequently visited corner between Uganda’s borders with Sudan and Kenya. It is a long but very rewarding journey to get to this area with some of the most beautiful scenery in Uganda. On Tour you experience an afternoon game drive in the wild Narus valley where herds of elephants & buffalos as well as beautiful sights of lions and leopards sitting on various valley rocks can be spotted


The only man envy is the man is the man who has not been to Africa,for he has so much to look forward to-Richard Mullin

Wildlife Attractions & Landscape

Kidepo Valley national park is one of the few parks in Uganda where you can do a walking safari. An armed ranger is joining you for your safety and you will explore the wilderness on foot. During this activity you get the chance to experience the wildlife up-close, a totally different experience than game-viewing by car. Buffalo, waterbuck, giraffe, warthog, zebra, bush-buck and of course the naughty baboons can be seen all year round as well as many different bird species. The guide stops regularly, not merely searching for game, but telling you about birds, insects, trees, animal droppings, the medicinal use of plants and which animals eat which plants

The Karamajong People

This ethnic group of agro-pastoral herders is one of this destination’s attractions despite its glamorous cultural styles, body tattoos and small grass thatched community housing facilities known as “Manyata.” Your tour guide is always at your fingertips to walk through the small villages where you enjoy contact with the locals as they say of your customs and why cattle is a treasure

Why Game Safaris in Kidepo?

Beyond Murchison Falls or Queen Elizabeth national game parks one would wonder why they should expect more in this game park given its isolation from the city,well the fact is you will find here something you haven’t seen anywhere because this game park is less visited  and thus still has virgin vegetation and abundant wildlife as compared to any park in Uganda,and besides lake Mburo national park where you find Zebras this park is also known for its Ostrich

How to get There

Although as far as 410 kms from Kampala, a road trip to Kidepo is a thrilling adventure however if not planned accordingly it can turn into nightmare given it nature of roads during the rainy seasons.With various routes available for self drive tourists,it is important to note that gasoline is not readily available in this remote game park.A chartered plane or scheduled flight can be arranged from Kajjansi airstrip or Entebbe Airport

1,442 km²
475 Species
80 Species
Uganda Wildlife Authority
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