2018 July

Traveling Uganda is a dream come true for many tourists but will Global tourism paused for a moment and slowly resuming under new travel regulations,the question now is no longer whether Uganda is safe for travel or not but rather how to save when you travel to Uganda during COVID-19. The tips are proven are if correctly followed your could be the next tourist to any destination of your choice in Uganda without depleting your Budget

10 Tour Operator Requirements Test

Traveling is an expensive lifestyle and long planned that why you should not trust any emails that hit your inbox about random travel deals globally but what is they are actually real and your end up missing out on an exciting adventure. Our 10 Step by Step Checklist for tourists before paying tour operator or travel agency will ensure you never be scammed. Adventure awaits you on the other side of the World

Facts About UNESCO Sites in Uganda

The pearl of Africa is known for its beaches, rain-forests and mix of cultures, food, tree climbing lions and Chimpanzees.Apart from Kasubi Royal Tombs,none of above are found in UNESCO World heritage Sites. So what is it that is found in these sites and how can you get there is fully discussed in this UNESCO Travel Guide. Did you know Uganda is the Cheapest and best place for Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Africa?? Learn More

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