10 Tour Operator Requirements Test

Travelling to unknown places can be bothering but even more frustrating when one thinks about the risks that come along with choosing the wrong tour agent.Therefore,choosing the right person to deal with on managing your reservations has been daunting and has discouraged very many travelers, today I want to discuss with you how you can test and Check genuine travel packages. Do this test on more than one company and the one that passes will most likely be the Partner you have been looking for, Lets go!!

  1. Transparency

Any travel will always begin with a phone call, email but what kind of details should you be asking for, during this time it is important to pay close attention to what your agent includes in your itinerary. Ensure that you understand each element of your trip with transparent figures before booking

2. Check Reviews

With tonnes of tour operators and tour agents every day, the reviews on third party websites like Trip advisor and yelp are not enough to prove the authenticity of who you are going to book your trip with because you may end up being stranded at some airport in the middle of nowhere with no clues on what is going on and where to start from.

3. Experience

You can tell the competence of an agent depending on the information because by the time they claim to have spent a lot of time in the business they should be able to solve problems and have better suggestions depending on your travel need without taking so much time. Many even fake companies can still use the information packaged in an enticing manner you should create scenarios and see how they deal with them.

All I wanted to do was to get back to Africa. We had not left it ,yet,but when I  would wake in the night I would lie,homesick for it already
Ernest Hemingway

4. Easy and Secure payment

Always avoid as much as you can to book with an agent who tells you to pay money to a personal account unless you have been thoroughly explained.

In recent time frauds and scammers have been targeting all electronic cash transfers and the travel business has been a target that is why as traveler you should pay close attention before initializing by taking kin look at the name of the account holder, city location or country. But for any serious travel company they should be having a company with the bank and you can trust the bank must have scrutinized them enough before giving them account.

5. Capacity capability check

A competent tour agency should be able to handle at least 20 travelers for a single trip and up to five trips to different destinations at the same time. If any company puts a limit on the capacity of the travelers, be vigilant they could be looking for soft targets to steal money

6. Registration and Certification

In every country there is standard body that is responsible for registering tour operator and training tour guides .In Uganda AUTO  an d UTGA are the regulatory bodies and they act on the behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and in many cases they ensure that all members of this umbrella body comply to the regulations but in place to ensure clients are not cheated and given the professional services they long for

7. Language flexibility

Nothing beats going on a safari with a tour guide who speaks your language .that’s creates a lot of understanding of all components of your travel

8. Timely support and Customer care

Every client feels good having timely and professional response from their handlers. This creates trust and security but if by any means the call assistant or email respondent fails to handle you with respect you should think twice because usually you can trust a disrespectful person to deny you at any time ,don’t take chances with your hard earned money

9. Easy cancellation & Cash Back options

Who it comes to travel, cancellation and refund policies is paramount factor because it can lead to lots of losses when cases of unavoidable circumstances like illness, accidents or abrupt appointments that may require extending or completely abandoning the trip and you should recover your money back

10. Know you guide

For travelers dealing with travel agents in your country  consider asking your agent who is going to be handling you at your destination  and if possible even ask them who your guide is going to be and share contacts such that before the beginning of the trip you create a good relationship with your guide

And lastly, if you are choosing an agent in your country spare some time and pass by their offices in your town such that the people you leave behind know who was responsible for your trip but still if your agent is in partnership with other tour agents in your destination make sure they tell you and you also communicated with them

You read this article until the end because you found this information helpful, share it with friends-who knows? you could save a friend who is about to lose money booking with the wrong guys because they don’t know what you have just learnt

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